My Quiet Life

1-Act Play for a youth cast.  3M (teens), 1F (teens) 1M (20s) 30 mins

Synopsis: Megan has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. She washes her hands – a lot. She also has a brother called Peter who writes poetry and watches seabirds. 'My Quiet Life' explores Megan's world and her relationship with her brother, her therapist, her mother and her life.


Megan: about 16 

Peter - her brother: about 19 

Ian - therapist: early 20s

Megan's Mum - in the 1990s: about 16

Colin: about 16

Performing rights for 'My Quiet Life' are handled by  Click here for more information: My Quiet Life

This article was updated on 2 February 2019